A content writer has a big role to play in your marketing strategy. A writer can help you explain your business to your target audience via your web pages and marketing channels. Futurism Technologies’ Content Writer package is one you should buy, if you want to make it big and take your business to masses.

  • Thorough content research on current industry trends
  • Blog, articles, press releases, web content, and much more
  • Developing and managing community across different social media channels
  • Creative insights into target markets, keyword targets, and business goals
  • Innovative and quality content creation

Do you want to increase the visibility of your website on the search engines? If so, then the SEO Analyst package from Futurism Technologies is something that you should be looking forward to. This package will help you reach out to your target audience effectively

  • SEO and social media optimization strategies implemented
  • Link building campaigns
  • Administration and efficient monitoring of web analytics dashboard
  • Evaluation of search results
  • Certified professionals at work

The eCommerce SEO Package - Platinum is ideal for medium to large sized eCommerce businesses that are targeting nationwide and international customers. The package also helps them acquire new customers, and engage old customers. The package is perfect for both types of retailers – B2C & B2B.

  • 1- 500 products optimized
  • Rank easily in all major search engines - Google, Yahoo, and Bing results
  • Boost your keyword rankings and average order value
  • 100% safe, ethical, and effective organic and paid results

The eCommerce SEO package Gold is designed for medium-sized companies that are targeting nationwide promotions, as well as new customers. The package is ideal for both types of retailers – B2B and B2C.

  • 1- 100 products optimized
  • Easy way to position your ecommerce store in Google, Yahoo, and Bing results
  • See a boost in keyword ranking, customer engagement, and average order value
  • Expect faster search engine results
  • 100% safe ethical organic results guaranteed

The eCommerce SEO Package Silver is ideal for start-up ecommerce retail shops targeting local customers. This package is ideal for both – B2B and B2C retailers.

  • 1- 50 products optimized
  • Gain maximum exposure across all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Major improvement in keyword ranking, average order value, and customer engagement guaranteed
  • Faster, 100% safe ethical, and effective organic results

Whether you are an online retailer or a retailer selling goods through a brick and mortar store, building an online presence is very important. It is important to feature for both non-branded and branded search terms. Futurism Technologies provide retail SEO package to retailers who wish to improve their website traffic to generate more sales. We will optimize your website for local search.

  • 20 long tail domain specific keywords optimized
  • Boosting brand visibility on all local search directories
  • Customer engagement through various social media platforms
  • Improving business visibility across all major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing

Today, businesses are influenced by changing technologies. All small and large businesses around the world rely on various technologies to perform their necessary job functions. As, they cannot maintain an IT network of their own, so they always hire a trustworthy IT services. Online visibility is one of the prime factors of building a trust. We help our IT services clients to improve their trustworthiness by building a strong online visibility. Our IT SEO package includes a comprehensive range of tested and proven white hat SEO techniques.

  • 20 Long tail domain specific keywords optimized
  • Unique content creation for online and offline optimization
  • Strategy building for local search optimization
  • Online branding through social media channels

Earlier, dentists always relied on word-of-mouth marketing to promote their services. Today, they are relying on local search engine marketing to attract new patients and improving their dental practice. There might be several competitors who may give a tough competition to a dentist, but they can easily make a difference to their bottom line by improving their search engine visibility. Futurism Technologies have developed specialized Dental SEO package that helps dentists boost their business to new heights.

  • 20 long tail competitive keywords optimized
  • Comprehensive range of SEO services
  • Social media marketing to attract new patients, and engage old ones
  • Domain specific content writing for on-page and off-page optimization

Communication is an important element of business success. Thus, businesses are always in search of trustworthy telecommunication services. A strong search engine presence is considered as one of the important trust factors. Futurism Technologies enables its telecommunication clients to build a strong online presence through its telecommunication SEO package.

  • Keyword research
  • 20 keywords optimized
  • A comprehensive range of SEO services
  • Building familiarity on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn
  • Contents for on-page and off-page optimization

Organic SEO has now become a most effective method of promoting pest control services. Earlier pest control marketing was limited to yellow pages, TV commercials, posters, etc. Today, many pest control services are utilizing special pest control SEO packages to market their services. Futurism Technologies provides domain specific SEO package to pest control services wishing to improve their search engine visibility, traffic, enquiries, and sales.

  • 20 Keywords optimized
  • Local business listing to improve visibility on various search engine directories
  • Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Attractive content for on page and off-page optimization

Whether you are a new medical practitioner or an established physician with a long list of clientele, Futurism Technologies offers doctor SEO packages that help you make a positive impact on your target audience. Our SEO packages are designed to help you build a strong search engine presence, and influence your potential patients to believe in your practice, even before they meet you.

  • 20 long tail keywords optimized
  • Local search optimization strategies to increase visibility on search engines, directories, and maps
  • Strong representation on all leading social media websites
  • Creating industry specific webpages, blogs, articles, etc.

Futurism Technologies provides unique auto dealer SEO packages to automotive dealers. The services help them optimize their website for non-branded and branded keywords, as well as popular search terms. This, in turn, helps them position their business in high ranks on various leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as gain high traffic, boost brand's popularity, and increase sales.

  • 20 long tail keywords optimization
  • Local search optimization strategies improve your local visibility
  • Social media integration to engage prospects, new and old clients
  • Industry specific and application specific content marketing

Does your company develop web applications? Or are you willing to develop some really amazing web apps? You need an expert with a lot of skills to handle this. Try the Mean Stack developers package from Futurism Technologies.

  • Monthly 176 productive working hours
  • Security of your data maintained by signing NDA and contract
  • Back-end integration and APIs
  • Front-end coding

The Full Stack Developers package is another amazing package that we have to offer you. Looking for someone who can understand the entire concept of your project and develop a finished product? Then the solution lies in this package from Futurism Technologies

  • Provision of Custom back-end development solutions
  • Provision of custom front-end development solutions
  • Client’s data completely secured by signing contract and NDA
  • Work done through a secured network channel
  • Software architecture provided

Do you want to migrate all your contact, calendar, and email date from your current messaging environment to Office 365? Are you looking out for an expert to do it for you? Futurism Technologies has a package for this – the Office 365 package.

  • Complete access to the mailbox
  • Migration of calendar, contacts, and email to Office 365 web app
  • Creation of a personalized Outlook profile
  • Shared mailbox provided
  • Expert Service at reasonable rates

Are you looking to increase brand advocates on a social media platform? Do you wish to increase leads and sales from your social media page? Social Media Premium Package allows you to do so. The package brings you immense opportunities to reach your prospects, as well as engage your current customers on your social media business page.

  • 25 Engaging Posts are created for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest.
  • Maximizing brand visibility and popularity by engaging customers
  • Building awareness about special occasions, new products or services, across various social media pages

Are you a new entrant in the social media? Do you wish to utilize social media for promoting your brand? Do you wish to build powerful relationships with your prospects and customers? You can consider buying Futurism’s Social Media Best Buy Package. This package enables to use the social media for your business benefits.

  • 20 Engaging social media posts in a month across various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.
  • Build a massive fan following on the social media.
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Convert prospects into brand advocates

Are you aiming a higher consumer engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms? Social Media Advance Package is ideal for you. This package comprises all those features, which will help you improve your brand awareness, as well as meet your targeted customers, and attain all social marketing goals easily.

  • 30 Engaging posts are created for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest
  • Increase customer engagements on your business pages
  • Run social paid campaigns to influence customers buying decision
  • Turn your business page into a lead generation page

If you prefer WooCommerce over another platform for your website, then the WooCommerce Standard Edition is the perfect package for you. This platform will give you some really amazing features.

  • Customizable design integration
  • Quickest implementation within 6-8 days.
  • Huge variety of responsive design templates
  • Order tracking feature provided

The Magento Community Edition package is for those who want to build their online store with a self-hosted platformMagento. This platform provides out-of-the-box features.

  • Benefit of free business consulting
  • Custom design integration provided
  • Features like discount and promotions
  • SEO friendly web pages for better results

Pay per Click (PPC) Premium Packaged is aimed at established corporations and large sized businesses that are trying to improve their sales tremendously. This package comprises various valuable features, which they can easily utilize to gain their desired benefits. A dedicated account manager will drive customer leads, and help you increase your business profits. You will see an increase in quality and targeted traffic.

  • 300 long tail keywords in 30 ad groups
  • Banner ad development
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • eCommerce feed optimization
  • Landing page/conversion rate optimization
  • Shopping campaigns ( eCommerce only)
  • Dynamic remarketing campaigns (eCommerce only)
  • Google Merchant Center set up ( eCommerce only)
  • Advanced reports offered

Pay per Click (PPC) Advance Package is a perfect option for mid-sized businesses that are trying to lead the search results. This package helps them gain a good search engine ranking, as well as sales with minimum efforts. A dedicated account manager will work closely with you to understand the business requirements.

  • 100 Keywords in 10 Ad groups
  • Landing page recommendation
  • Keyword and bid refinements offered
  • Dynamic remarketing campaigns (eCommerce only)
  • Google Merchant Center set up ( eCommerce only)
  • Advance reports offered

Pay per Click (PPC) Best Buy Package is designed for start-ups and small sized businesses who wish to implement PPC to support their organic rankings. This package helps them promote their website across all major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as boost their sales revenue.

  • 50 long tail keywords in 30 ad groups
  • Ad copy and keyword bid optimization
  • Keyword refinements provided
  • Campaign Management

The website design standard package is apt for the new entrants or the start-up companies, who want to build user-friendly websites. This is the standard package for website designing.

  • Linking 30 to 50 static pages
  • Call to Action feature
  • SEO friendly web pages
  • Responsive designs
  • Links to social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube

Now, this is the package designed for established organizations who wish to strengthen their footprint in the domain. It offers several benefits to those purchasing this package.

  • You can get 50 to 100 static pages with linking.
  • We help you design a search engine friendly website.
  • We provide a custom responsive web design and layout.
  • Special call-to-action would be provided on the website.
  • We offer a free 6-month maintenance feature.

Going by its name, the Website Design Basic Package is the most basic package that we can offer you. This is the best-buy package for those who want to try out our website designing services.

  • In this package, we will help you in designing 10 to 20 static pages and their linking.
  • Banners and billboards will be added to the website as part of this package.
  • A dedicated section for testimonials from your clients is included.
  • An option for subscribing to your newsletters will be added.
  • The package offers a free 6-month maintenance.

Email marketing premium package is perfect for profit and non-profit organizations that are eyeing massive potential reach. This package will help them drive conversions, as well receive massive conversions with minimum efforts. Email marketing premium package is loaded with various user-friendly features.

  • 2/ domain-specific, and custom responsive design templates
  • Clickable subject lines that ensure maximum open rate and minimal spam complain rate
  • User-friendly emails that look perfect across all devices
  • Minimal bounce rates