Email Marketing

An effective email marketing service enables you to create engaging email campaigns, and combine them with your landing pages for maximum conversion. This service also helps you to manage your leads, segment the leads into groups, and easily track the performance of the email campaigns. In short, a good email marketing campaign helps ensure that your emails don’t land in the spam folder. Futurism Technologies provides email marketing services that are designed to help you target an audience, build meaningful business relations, and promote your brand effortlessly.

  1. Email Marketing Advance Package

    Email marketing advance package are designed for business owners who are trying to overcome their previous email marketing failures, and strengthen their relationships with customers. This package offers them a broad range of features, which they can easily utilize for their own benefits.

    • Subject lines with maximum open rate
    • 4/ domain-specific, and exclusive responsive design templates offered
    • Emails optimized for better visibility across all devices
    • Reduced bounce rates
  2. Email Marketing Standard Package

    Email marketing standard package is ideal for businesses that wish to improve their connections with customers. Email marketing is a tested and proven way to improve relationships with customer. This package will help them easily win the trust of customers for the first time.

    • Clickable subject lines assured
    • 1 Domain-specific, responsive design template offered
    • Email/Emails s designed to impress customers across all devices
    • Advanced reporting features help create better campaigns
  3. Email Marketing Premium Package

    Email marketing premium package is perfect for profit and non-profit organizations that are eyeing massive potential reach. This package will help them drive conversions, as well receive massive conversions with minimum efforts. Email marketing premium package is loaded with various user-friendly features.

    • 2/ domain-specific, and custom responsive design templates
    • Clickable subject lines that ensure maximum open rate and minimal spam complain rate
    • User-friendly emails that look perfect across all devices
    • Minimal bounce rates