SEO Packages

SEO packages are developed to make decision-making easier for clients. Generally, these packages feature various SEO offerings, which are divided into different categories. These categories enable clients to compare various SEO offerings, and understand their benefits. Futurism Technologies provides various cost effective SEO packages, which are not only Panda and Penguin compliant, but also tailored to suit requirements of various small and large businesses. Being Google Partner, Futurism Technologies has a long history of successful SEO campaigns. The following packages incorporate all necessary on-page and off-page internet marketing techniques required to bring you success.

  1. SEO Package -Best Buy 16.67 % Off

    The SEO Package Best Buy is designed for small businesses or start-up businesses that are targeting other businesses or dealing directly with customers. This package is ideal for product promotions.

    • 10 long tail keywords optimized
    • Target new customers in specific areas
    • Perfect for non-ecommerce lead generation websites
    • Detailed weekly and monthly reports provided
  2. SEO Package -Premium

    The SEO Package Premium is designed for medium-sized corporations and non-ecommerce businesses. This package is ideal for B2B and B2C businesses dealing with various products.

    • 20 long tail keywords optimized
    • Perfect for lead generation websites
    • Create new customers and engage old customers
    • Key optimization strategies to target national and international customers
    • Detailed weekly and monthly reports offered
  3. SEO Package -Advance
    SEO Package Advance
    90% of 100

    The SEO Package Advance is ideal for big business organizations who are targeting local, national, and international customers. This package is ideal for promoting products and services.

    • 50 long tail keywords optimized
    • Assured rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
    • Target new customers and engage old customers
    • Ideal for targeting location and state based customers
    • Perfect for lead generation websites
    • Detailed weekly and monthly reports offered
  4. ECommerce SEO Packages 1

    The eCommerce SEO Package Silver is ideal for start-up ecommerce retail shops targeting local customers. This package is ideal for both – B2B and B2C retailers.

    • 1- 50 products optimized
    • Gain maximum exposure across all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing
    • Major improvement in keyword ranking, average order value, and customer engagement guaranteed
    • Faster, 100% safe ethical, and effective organic results
  5. ECommerce SEO Packages 2

    The eCommerce SEO package Gold is designed for medium-sized companies that are targeting nationwide promotions, as well as new customers. The package is ideal for both types of retailers – B2B and B2C.

    • 1- 100 products optimized
    • Easy way to position your ecommerce store in Google, Yahoo, and Bing results
    • See a boost in keyword ranking, customer engagement, and average order value
    • Expect faster search engine results
    • 100% safe ethical organic results guaranteed
  6. ECommerce SEO Packages 3 20 % Off

    The eCommerce SEO Package - Platinum is ideal for medium to large sized eCommerce businesses that are targeting nationwide and international customers. The package also helps them acquire new customers, and engage old customers. The package is perfect for both types of retailers – B2C & B2B.

    • 1- 500 products optimized
    • Rank easily in all major search engines - Google, Yahoo, and Bing results
    • Boost your keyword rankings and average order value
    • 100% safe, ethical, and effective organic and paid results
  7. Auto Dealer SEO Package

    Futurism Technologies provides unique auto dealer SEO packages to automotive dealers. The services help them optimize their website for non-branded and branded keywords, as well as popular search terms. This, in turn, helps them position their business in high ranks on various leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as gain high traffic, boost brand's popularity, and increase sales.

    • 20 long tail keywords optimization
    • Local search optimization strategies improve your local visibility
    • Social media integration to engage prospects, new and old clients
    • Industry specific and application specific content marketing
  8. Doctor SEO Package
    Doctor SEO Package
    0% of 100

    Whether you are a new medical practitioner or an established physician with a long list of clientele, Futurism Technologies offers doctor SEO packages that help you make a positive impact on your target audience. Our SEO packages are designed to help you build a strong search engine presence, and influence your potential patients to believe in your practice, even before they meet you.

    • 20 long tail keywords optimized
    • Local search optimization strategies to increase visibility on search engines, directories, and maps
    • Strong representation on all leading social media websites
    • Creating industry specific webpages, blogs, articles, etc.
  9. Pest Control SEO Package

    Organic SEO has now become a most effective method of promoting pest control services. Earlier pest control marketing was limited to yellow pages, TV commercials, posters, etc. Today, many pest control services are utilizing special pest control SEO packages to market their services. Futurism Technologies provides domain specific SEO package to pest control services wishing to improve their search engine visibility, traffic, enquiries, and sales.

    • 20 Keywords optimized
    • Local business listing to improve visibility on various search engine directories
    • Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
    • Attractive content for on page and off-page optimization
  10. Telecommunication SEO Package

    Communication is an important element of business success. Thus, businesses are always in search of trustworthy telecommunication services. A strong search engine presence is considered as one of the important trust factors. Futurism Technologies enables its telecommunication clients to build a strong online presence through its telecommunication SEO package.

    • Keyword research
    • 20 keywords optimized
    • A comprehensive range of SEO services
    • Building familiarity on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn
    • Contents for on-page and off-page optimization
  11. Dental SEO Package
    Dental SEO Package
    0% of 100

    Earlier, dentists always relied on word-of-mouth marketing to promote their services. Today, they are relying on local search engine marketing to attract new patients and improving their dental practice. There might be several competitors who may give a tough competition to a dentist, but they can easily make a difference to their bottom line by improving their search engine visibility. Futurism Technologies have developed specialized Dental SEO package that helps dentists boost their business to new heights.

    • 20 long tail competitive keywords optimized
    • Comprehensive range of SEO services
    • Social media marketing to attract new patients, and engage old ones
    • Domain specific content writing for on-page and off-page optimization
  12. IT SEO Services
    IT SEO Services
    0% of 100

    Today, businesses are influenced by changing technologies. All small and large businesses around the world rely on various technologies to perform their necessary job functions. As, they cannot maintain an IT network of their own, so they always hire a trustworthy IT services. Online visibility is one of the prime factors of building a trust. We help our IT services clients to improve their trustworthiness by building a strong online visibility. Our IT SEO package includes a comprehensive range of tested and proven white hat SEO techniques.

    • 20 Long tail domain specific keywords optimized
    • Unique content creation for online and offline optimization
    • Strategy building for local search optimization
    • Online branding through social media channels
  13. Retail SEO Package
    Retail SEO Package
    0% of 100

    Whether you are an online retailer or a retailer selling goods through a brick and mortar store, building an online presence is very important. It is important to feature for both non-branded and branded search terms. Futurism Technologies provide retail SEO package to retailers who wish to improve their website traffic to generate more sales. We will optimize your website for local search.

    • 20 long tail domain specific keywords optimized
    • Boosting brand visibility on all local search directories
    • Customer engagement through various social media platforms
    • Improving business visibility across all major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing