eCommerce Platforms

The NEXTPlatform provides a comprehensive range of eCommerce solutions, which deliver multi-channel profitability to business owners, and incredible shopping experiences to buyers.

Our vendors combine the best eCommerce development practices, 1000+ man-years of experience, and the following ecommerce solutions to empower your online businesses

eCommerce Platforms
Business Size
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  1. Futurism Commerce for Small Business 33.36 % Off

    The Futurism Dimensions for Small Business package is designed for the start-up online stores, who wish to make it big in the market.

    • Listing up to 100 products
    • No need to pay any transaction fees
    • No hidden charges included
    • Standard design provided
    • Responsive design eCommerce website
  2. Futurism Dimensions for Growing Business 20 % Off

    Are you a growing company? Do you want to take your business to the next level of success? Then, the Futurism Dimensions for Growing Business is the best package for you. It consists of some really interesting features that can benefit you as an entrepreneur.

    • Up to 1000 product listing on the store
    • SSL certificate provided
    • No Hidden or transaction fees involved
    • Advance search features
    • Floating cart facility
  3. Magento - Community Edition 16.67 % Off

    The Magento Community Edition package is for those who want to build their online store with a self-hosted platformMagento. This platform provides out-of-the-box features.

    • Benefit of free business consulting
    • Custom design integration provided
    • Features like discount and promotions
    • SEO friendly web pages for better results
  4. WooCommerce Standard 16.67 % Off

    If you prefer WooCommerce over another platform for your website, then the WooCommerce Standard Edition is the perfect package for you. This platform will give you some really amazing features.

    • Customizable design integration
    • Quickest implementation within 6-8 days.
    • Huge variety of responsive design templates
    • Order tracking feature provided
  5. Futurism Dimension for Enterprise 16.67 % Off

    The Futurism Dimension for Enterprise package is ideal for your established online stores, which are trying to amplify their brand visibility and sales. Several exceptional features are provided along with this package.

    • Design customization offered
    • Product reviews and ratings feature provided
    • Provision of real-time shipping quotes
    • Single-page checkout feature
    • Product filter options
  6. Drupal Plus Digital Marketing PACKAGE PRODUCT
    Combo offer : Drupal + Digital Marketing.
    Combo Offer : FC + Digital + Email + PPC
  8. Magento Plus Digital Marketing Advanced PACKAGE PRODUCT
    Combo offer : Magento + Digital Marketing Advanced
  9. WooCommerce Plus Digital Marketing Advanced PACKAGE PRODUCT
    Combo offer : Woocommerce + digital marketing advanced
  10. Futurism CMS Plus Digital Marketing Advanced PACKAGE PRODUCT
    Combo offer : Futurism CMS + Digital Marketing Advanced
  11. Developers Package PACKAGE PRODUCT
    Futurism Commerce Plus Digital Marketing Standard