Whether you want to run your own project, have a custom project quoted or just need some individual technical help, you can find a diverse group of skills available to you on the NEXTPlatform Marketplace for Resources.  Scroll down until you find the skills you’re seeking or use the search bar to type in the exact skills you’re seeking and go direct.
  1. Futurism Managed Infrastructure -Remote L3

    This is the level 3 package of the infrastructure management services. The Futurism Managed Infrastructure – Remote L3 is the perfect package for you, if you are looking out for the best premium package for managed infrastructure services.

    • Active directory migration and disaster recovery provided by experts
    • DNS administration provided
    • Administration of anti-spam/antivirus policies
    • Qualified and certified technicians at work
    • Easy ramp-up and ramp-down.
  2. Futurism Managed Infrastructure -Remote L1

    No matter what platform you are working on, the Futurism Managed Infrastructure – Remote L1 package has a lot to offer you.

    • 40% lesser cost per engineer
    • Prompt support service for end-users via tickets/email/phone
    • Provision of DNS administration
    • Recovery or Back-up of Windows servers provided
    • Access to ISO and CMM processes
  3. Futurism Managed Infrastructure -Remote L2

    The Futurism Managed Infrastructure – Remote L2 is the next level package providing several quality infrastructure management services. This is a best-buy package for you irrespective of the platform.

    • Complete transparency throughout all the phases
    • Cost per engineer reduced by 40%
    • Administration of Windows server and performance troubleshooting
    • Disaster recovery
    • Active directory migration provided
  4. PPC Expert
    PPC Expert
    0% of 100

    Pay per Click (PPC) is the new marketing strategy that is trending for a few years now. You can increase your click through rate (CTR), and thus increase the website traffic. Futurism Technologies’ PPC Expert package is intended to provide clients with an amazing service at affordable rates. Interested? Click on the package for details.

    • Administration and management of pay per click strategy
    • Daily account management and analysis
    • Managing updates for large keywords list
    • Creative graphical ad templates and copy suggestions
    • Weekly & monthly client reporting provided
  5. Full Stack Developers 16.67 % Off

    The Full Stack Developers package is another amazing package that we have to offer you. Looking for someone who can understand the entire concept of your project and develop a finished product? Then the solution lies in this package from Futurism Technologies

    • Provision of Custom back-end development solutions
    • Provision of custom front-end development solutions
    • Client’s data completely secured by signing contract and NDA
    • Work done through a secured network channel
    • Software architecture provided
  6. Mean Stack Developers 16.67 % Off

    Does your company develop web applications? Or are you willing to develop some really amazing web apps? You need an expert with a lot of skills to handle this. Try the Mean Stack developers package from Futurism Technologies.

    • Monthly 176 productive working hours
    • Security of your data maintained by signing NDA and contract
    • Back-end integration and APIs
    • Front-end coding
  7. Android App Developers

    Developing Android applications? Need help in developing some really cool apps, that too at the most affordable price? Well, we have you covered. Futurism Technologies brings to you the Native Android App Developers package, which helps you in designing and developing some really amazing apps.

    • The package includes enterprise apps, mobile apps, m-commerce apps, etc.
    • Development of Android widget
    • Android support and maintenance included
    • QA / testing done on all the developed apps
    • Expert team at work
  8. ASPNet Developers
    ASPNet Developers
    90% of 100

    It is really hard to find expert ASPNet developers, who can fulfill all your developmental requirements. Futurism Technologies’ ASPNet Developers package is particularly dedicated to those companies, who want to build their websites in this open-source web application framework.

    • SharePoint development
    • Provision of ASP.NET migration services
    • Expert help in development of enterprise, and custom ASP.NET applications
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided
    • Development of ASP.NET MVC3/MV4
  9. SEO Expert 28.57 % Off
    SEO Analyst
    0% of 100

    Do you want to increase the visibility of your website on the search engines? If so, then the SEO Analyst package from Futurism Technologies is something that you should be looking forward to. This package will help you reach out to your target audience effectively

    • SEO and social media optimization strategies implemented
    • Link building campaigns
    • Administration and efficient monitoring of web analytics dashboard
    • Evaluation of search results
    • Certified professionals at work
  10. iPhone App Developers

    iPhone applications have become the most trending topics of the date. Are you into the development of iPhone apps? Do you want to develop an app that is liked and used by a huge number of users? Futurism Technologies can help you.

    • iPhone game development
    • Development of iPhone m-commerce applications
    • Custom iPhone applications development
    • Meticulous QA / testing done on all the developed apps
    • Comprehensive support and maintenance services provided
  11. Content Writer 28.57 % Off
    Content Writer
    90% of 100

    A content writer has a big role to play in your marketing strategy. A writer can help you explain your business to your target audience via your web pages and marketing channels. Futurism Technologies’ Content Writer package is one you should buy, if you want to make it big and take your business to masses.

    • Thorough content research on current industry trends
    • Blog, articles, press releases, web content, and much more
    • Developing and managing community across different social media channels
    • Creative insights into target markets, keyword targets, and business goals
    • Innovative and quality content creation
  12. Java Developers
    Java Developers
    90% of 100

    Futurism Technologies has a team of expert Java developers. The Java Developers package is the best buy package for you if you are looking out for skilled and knowledgeable developers to help you build a good website.

    • Development of custom Java applications
    • Shared project manager and shared senior architect provided
    • Security of client’s data is maintained by signing contract and NDA
    • Development of Java mobile applications
    • A thorough Java support and maintenance provided
  13. PHP Developers
    PHP Developers
    90% of 100

    Are you planning to build a website in PHP? Or do you want to revamp your existing one? Futurism Technologies has expert PHP developers, who can help you with these tasks. We have a package for you. The PHP Developers package is the most affordable and suitable package for you.

    • Custom PHP application development provided
    • Development of MVC framework
    • Provision of CMS solutions
    • Development of corporate website in PHP
    • Experienced and knowledgeable PHP developers at work
  14. Overview of migrating email to Office 365 12.5 % Off

    Do you want to migrate all your contact, calendar, and email date from your current messaging environment to Office 365? Are you looking out for an expert to do it for you? Futurism Technologies has a package for this – the Office 365 package.

    • Complete access to the mailbox
    • Migration of calendar, contacts, and email to Office 365 web app
    • Creation of a personalized Outlook profile
    • Shared mailbox provided
    • Expert Service at reasonable rates