Digital Marketing Resource

  1. PPC Expert
    PPC Expert
    0% of 100

    Pay per Click (PPC) is the new marketing strategy that is trending for a few years now. You can increase your click through rate (CTR), and thus increase the website traffic. Futurism Technologies’ PPC Expert package is intended to provide clients with an amazing service at affordable rates. Interested? Click on the package for details.

    • Administration and management of pay per click strategy
    • Daily account management and analysis
    • Managing updates for large keywords list
    • Creative graphical ad templates and copy suggestions
    • Weekly & monthly client reporting provided
  2. SEO Expert 28.57 % Off
    SEO Analyst
    0% of 100

    Do you want to increase the visibility of your website on the search engines? If so, then the SEO Analyst package from Futurism Technologies is something that you should be looking forward to. This package will help you reach out to your target audience effectively

    • SEO and social media optimization strategies implemented
    • Link building campaigns
    • Administration and efficient monitoring of web analytics dashboard
    • Evaluation of search results
    • Certified professionals at work
  3. Content Writer 28.57 % Off
    Content Writer
    90% of 100

    A content writer has a big role to play in your marketing strategy. A writer can help you explain your business to your target audience via your web pages and marketing channels. Futurism Technologies’ Content Writer package is one you should buy, if you want to make it big and take your business to masses.

    • Thorough content research on current industry trends
    • Blog, articles, press releases, web content, and much more
    • Developing and managing community across different social media channels
    • Creative insights into target markets, keyword targets, and business goals
    • Innovative and quality content creation