IMS Resources

For organizations driving their businesses online, an efficient technology infrastructure management (IM) is essential to survive and succeed. Futurism Technologies Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) provides a comprehensive suite of reliable, flexible, and responsive infrastructure solutions that deliver a value to our customer's businesses. Our comprehensive portfolio of service offerings includes IT infrastructure operation management, enterprise networking, enterprise security, and various other offerings. We have deep domain expertise across industry verticals such as banking, telecom, manufacturing, insurance, retail, etc. Over the years, we have invested in robust technology platforms, tools, and ecosystems, which have helped us build a list of happy and satisfied customers. We enable clients to choose from any of the following proven solutions to gain an advantage of Futurism’s expertise.

  1. Futurism Managed Infrastructure -Remote L3

    This is the level 3 package of the infrastructure management services. The Futurism Managed Infrastructure – Remote L3 is the perfect package for you, if you are looking out for the best premium package for managed infrastructure services.

    • Active directory migration and disaster recovery provided by experts
    • DNS administration provided
    • Administration of anti-spam/antivirus policies
    • Qualified and certified technicians at work
    • Easy ramp-up and ramp-down.
  2. Futurism Managed Infrastructure -Remote L1

    No matter what platform you are working on, the Futurism Managed Infrastructure – Remote L1 package has a lot to offer you.

    • 40% lesser cost per engineer
    • Prompt support service for end-users via tickets/email/phone
    • Provision of DNS administration
    • Recovery or Back-up of Windows servers provided
    • Access to ISO and CMM processes
  3. Futurism Managed Infrastructure -Remote L2

    The Futurism Managed Infrastructure – Remote L2 is the next level package providing several quality infrastructure management services. This is a best-buy package for you irrespective of the platform.

    • Complete transparency throughout all the phases
    • Cost per engineer reduced by 40%
    • Administration of Windows server and performance troubleshooting
    • Disaster recovery
    • Active directory migration provided
  4. Overview of migrating email to Office 365 12.5 % Off

    Do you want to migrate all your contact, calendar, and email date from your current messaging environment to Office 365? Are you looking out for an expert to do it for you? Futurism Technologies has a package for this – the Office 365 package.

    • Complete access to the mailbox
    • Migration of calendar, contacts, and email to Office 365 web app
    • Creation of a personalized Outlook profile
    • Shared mailbox provided
    • Expert Service at reasonable rates