ITS Resources

Information technology is an umbrella term for all technical resources, support, and services, which are required to help businesses work smarter, safer, and faster. Futurism Technologies partners with clients to provide technical solutions that help them meet immediate business goals, and enables them to flourish in future.

Our vast industry experience spanning across 1000+ man-years, best technology practices, and in-depth technical knowledge enables us to design, implement, and maintain the most challenging information systems and architecture for our clients. The following technical solutions have helped us serve clients in industries as diverse as manufacturing, IT, retail, hospitality, travel, and tourism.

  1. Full Stack Developers 16.67 % Off

    The Full Stack Developers package is another amazing package that we have to offer you. Looking for someone who can understand the entire concept of your project and develop a finished product? Then the solution lies in this package from Futurism Technologies

    • Provision of Custom back-end development solutions
    • Provision of custom front-end development solutions
    • Client’s data completely secured by signing contract and NDA
    • Work done through a secured network channel
    • Software architecture provided
  2. Mean Stack Developers 16.67 % Off

    Does your company develop web applications? Or are you willing to develop some really amazing web apps? You need an expert with a lot of skills to handle this. Try the Mean Stack developers package from Futurism Technologies.

    • Monthly 176 productive working hours
    • Security of your data maintained by signing NDA and contract
    • Back-end integration and APIs
    • Front-end coding
  3. Android App Developers

    Developing Android applications? Need help in developing some really cool apps, that too at the most affordable price? Well, we have you covered. Futurism Technologies brings to you the Native Android App Developers package, which helps you in designing and developing some really amazing apps.

    • The package includes enterprise apps, mobile apps, m-commerce apps, etc.
    • Development of Android widget
    • Android support and maintenance included
    • QA / testing done on all the developed apps
    • Expert team at work
  4. ASPNet Developers
    ASPNet Developers
    90% of 100

    It is really hard to find expert ASPNet developers, who can fulfill all your developmental requirements. Futurism Technologies’ ASPNet Developers package is particularly dedicated to those companies, who want to build their websites in this open-source web application framework.

    • SharePoint development
    • Provision of ASP.NET migration services
    • Expert help in development of enterprise, and custom ASP.NET applications
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided
    • Development of ASP.NET MVC3/MV4
  5. iPhone App Developers

    iPhone applications have become the most trending topics of the date. Are you into the development of iPhone apps? Do you want to develop an app that is liked and used by a huge number of users? Futurism Technologies can help you.

    • iPhone game development
    • Development of iPhone m-commerce applications
    • Custom iPhone applications development
    • Meticulous QA / testing done on all the developed apps
    • Comprehensive support and maintenance services provided
  6. Java Developers
    Java Developers
    90% of 100

    Futurism Technologies has a team of expert Java developers. The Java Developers package is the best buy package for you if you are looking out for skilled and knowledgeable developers to help you build a good website.

    • Development of custom Java applications
    • Shared project manager and shared senior architect provided
    • Security of client’s data is maintained by signing contract and NDA
    • Development of Java mobile applications
    • A thorough Java support and maintenance provided
  7. PHP Developers
    PHP Developers
    90% of 100

    Are you planning to build a website in PHP? Or do you want to revamp your existing one? Futurism Technologies has expert PHP developers, who can help you with these tasks. We have a package for you. The PHP Developers package is the most affordable and suitable package for you.

    • Custom PHP application development provided
    • Development of MVC framework
    • Provision of CMS solutions
    • Development of corporate website in PHP
    • Experienced and knowledgeable PHP developers at work