Static Website

Nowadays, business organizations are keen to harness the power of rising internet technologies to promote their business. A good looking and thriving website is the basic requirement for going online. One can easily achieve this by investing in a static web page designing service. Futurism Technologies offers powerful static website design services that help start up and medium sized businesses to begin their website, and publicize their business online without making big investments. All these years, the static websites developed by our design experts have not only helped business to own user-friendly and attractive websites, but also capture the attention of their prospects in a big way.

  1. Website Design Basic Package-1 16 % Off

    Going by its name, the Website Design Basic Package is the most basic package that we can offer you. This is the best-buy package for those who want to try out our website designing services.

    • In this package, we will help you in designing 10 to 20 static pages and their linking.
    • Banners and billboards will be added to the website as part of this package.
    • A dedicated section for testimonials from your clients is included.
    • An option for subscribing to your newsletters will be added.
    • The package offers a free 6-month maintenance.
  2. Website Design Standard Package 15.56 % Off

    The website design standard package is apt for the new entrants or the start-up companies, who want to build user-friendly websites. This is the standard package for website designing.

    • Linking 30 to 50 static pages
    • Call to Action feature
    • SEO friendly web pages
    • Responsive designs
    • Links to social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube
  3. Website Design Advanced Package 7.14 % Off

    Now, this is the package designed for established organizations who wish to strengthen their footprint in the domain. It offers several benefits to those purchasing this package.

    • You can get 50 to 100 static pages with linking.
    • We help you design a search engine friendly website.
    • We provide a custom responsive web design and layout.
    • Special call-to-action would be provided on the website.
    • We offer a free 6-month maintenance feature.